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Yoga 101

Yoga 101

Explore wellbeing and transformation, from withinFrom a macro purview, Yoga is considered to be a spiritual discipline, all imbibed towards attaining a union and oneness. Yoga is an expanse, wellbeing, healing, self- realisation, energy system and flow and so much more that experience of every Yogic differs from that of another. If one does Yoga to cleanse one’s energy, another does it for spiritual attainment, another for healing from within and another, just to breathe. Yoga is believed to be the supreme science that lays out the direction for life’s all enterprises and pursuits.

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Why Yoga?

To dive into the deeper dimensions of holistic well being and attaining the union of mind, body and soul, Yoga offers the pathway. Often merely seen as a technique or postural practices, Yoga is a way of life, in integration with Ayurveda. Living life the Yogic way could start one on a journey of deep self-exploration, transformation, healing, wellbeing and realization- diffusing into oneness.

How to step into the journey?

Making a conscious effort to take the first step and continue to stay consistent while delving further into this lifestyle, understanding the body, it’s composition (Doshas) and aligning one’s daily routine to yogic practices, one can find contentment in the yogic journey. You could begin your journey with us, at 1111 as our retreat offerings include Essence of Yoga, the Art of detox, De-stress and sleep program, Ayurvedic panchakarma.

UNDERSTANDING dimensions of yoga



Yoga & Health

The science of Yoga and all it beholds is a guardian of health and the endorser of well-being. Not only does it maintain your body but also puts a check on mental well-being. What Yoga does to the body physiologically, is that it increases the circulatory efficiency of all the vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidney, brain and lungs. When looked closely, it also has a positive bearing on the Endocrine system and balances the hormonal secretion. This is just one of the few ways that Yoga preserves health.

Yoga & Mindfulness

In the known or unknown, the human mind is intricately connected to the entire body and the system that revolves around it. Likewise, the physical body too has a bearing on the human mind. The mind is considered a space that beholds all your thoughts, memories and processes related to the past, present and the future. It is a complex system in itself that has attained the top-most priority in spiritual and yogic sciences. A huge bundle of yogic science involves being able to ignite the mind in the direction beyond the senses and mere physical existence.

Yoga & Lifestyle

Collectively Yoga and Ayurveda, establish a way of life. Yogic lifestyle is clearly defined in the eight limbs of Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga which constitute the way of life. Starting out just practicing Yoga and moving to lifestyle that is guided and followed by the norms of Yoga, would be an ideal journey to attain the Yogic lifestyle.

Yoga & Food Practices

The yoga diet is based on the principles of Ayurveda and it is recommended for a Yogi to eat Sattvic food. These are foods that have an abundance of life forces as sattva in itself means purity. The belief system is scientifically proven that ‘We are what we eat’ and our actions and behavior are reflected by the kind and quality of food we consume and the food we eat has a bearing at a very biological cellular level.


This refers to the philosophy propounded by Patanjali, who is the source of Yoga sutras and the philosophy. His work is considered to be around 1700- 2000  years old and is held in the highest regard. The 8 limbs are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. These 8 limbs are the way or path to attain the ultimate goal of Yoga, which is unity and self- realization.


The first limb constitutes those ethics and virtues by which one should live their life and these are a fundamental requirement to achieve the end goal of a Yogi. Yama constitutes of  5 virtues which are:

Ahimsa – This is the philosophy of non-violence
Satya – The principle of Truthfulness
Asteya – The virtue of not stealing
Brahmacharya – Moderation of one’s sex life and the right use of energy
Aparigraha – The philosophy of non possessiveness, non hoarding and not being greedy.

Niyama is the second limb of Yoga that embodies five principles. Like Yama, Niyama is also required to attain self-realization.
Saucha – This literally means cleanliness and it refers to keeping the mind and body clean.
Santosha – This refers to contentment and being happy. It is about seeking happiness from within without deriving it from worldly pleasures.
Tapas – This ideology revolves around self discipline even if it is discomforting to one.
Svadhyaha – One needs to look inwardly and practice introspection in order to attain the greater  goal
Ishwarapranidhana – Dedication and surrendering oneself to the supreme being and worship of the supreme being.

In the journey of finding yourself through Yoga, Asana is the third limb. It talks about the postures to promote health. It also helps is building stamina and goes hand in hand with the fourth limb.

Pranayama has everything to do with energy flow and energy circulation in the body. The energy is controlled through breathing and using breath as means to attain control over the entire body and mind.

This is the process of being able to still the mind and being able to withdraw the senses inwards. It is about being able to attain stillness in the mind.

This is about being able to achieve a single point focus and attaining the required mental focus and concentration.

Dhyana is prominently known and is the yogic science of meditation. It involves going into deeper dimensions and getting closer to the supreme being or attaining oneness.

Samadhi is a state of super consciousness and it is the state of being able to be absorbed into oneness. This is the ultimate union and the final step towards self-realization. SAT-CHIT-ANANDA

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