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What is Yoga and why should you care about it?

What is Yoga and why should you care about it?

Yoga is often thought of as mere postures and breath work and a lot of them don’t explore the full potential it beholds. This could be because one is unaware or not under the right guidance of a guru. So a lot of them go on asking what yoga is and they really want to know how it can change their life.  So here’s answering all those questions:

  1. How old is yoga?

Yoga did not begin yesterday or over the years or decades ago. It is as old as about 5000 years, it is time-tested, universally accepted Alternative and preventive holistic wellness science. Yoga history is widely spoken about and contemplated as the legacy is as important as the Yoga philosophy is, in itself. Yoga sees its first mention in the Rig Veda, which is one of the most ancient Indian sacred texts. The earlier development and mention of Yoga comes from the Indus-Sarasvati Civilization.

  1. Is Yoga a way of life?

The journey of Yoga is a spiritual pursuit of inner peace and self-realization. Yoga is about being able to find yourself, about being able to meet your inner self and attain the balance there is like that of the universe. Yoga and Ayurveda comprehensively form a way of life and they teach you how to live. It comprises everyday activities, things-to-do, things-not-to-do, things-to-be, things-to-not-be and so much more. We, as humans, are an outcome of our habits, actions and thoughts. This is what yoga helps with – to yoke – Our habits, actions and thoughts.

  1. What are the Elements of Yoga

The elements of yoga are that of the universe, which is considered to have 5 elements. They are space, air, fire, water and earth. These elements have a huge play in Yoga and how they reflect on your mind, body and soul. You need to build and create space for blissful yoga and be in the zone while you practice. This is the physical space, the mind space and the blend of it. The air here would mean awareness and consciousness of breath, the air also is the atmosphere that you are practicing in and it being conducive for practice. In a similar fashion, the other elements represent either chakra or a bandha or practice in Yoga.

  1. What are the benefits of Yoga?

The benefits of yoga can be seen in mental and physical health as they share a codependent relationship. From stress management, anxiety management and other mental conditions to physical conditions like body rigidity, acidity and cardio health, Yoga is the biggest answer to all health problems. Yoga is not merely about a cure but with Ayurveda, it is about prevention and well-being. It teaches how to live a healthy life and also on how to address a health issue when one arises.

The benefits of Yoga are innumerable. It is the guardian of health and well-being. This is what is drawing a lot of people towards learning and teaching yoga. If you wish to learn Yoga and live the life of a Yogi,click here. 

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