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Dr(Hc)Balasundara Srinathayoga teacher in rishikesh

Dr.(Hc)Balasundara Srinatha

Taking a keen interest in Yoga at the age of 12, Dr.(Hc)Balasundara Srinatha is renowned for his contribution to Yoga for over 30 years. His domain expertise in Hatha yoga, Astanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga has earned him the privilege to learn and practice with Sri Gopalajeeyar, B.K.S Iyengar and other senior gurus across the country. Dr. Srinatha is a strong believer in Yoga being a way of life and is always engaged in enhancing his knowledge and experience through research that intertwines Yoga with modern science.

Dr. Srinatha is a Gold medalist, Silver Medalist, and a bronze Medalist at State, National and International level championships. Carrying such a great repute, he has also been a judge for several competitions since 1993.

Yoga with Srinatha is like diving into an experience with oneself through the guidance of a guru. He believes in giving his students an experience for a lifetime, that progresses their spiritual and healing journey. Yoga with Srinatha is a traditional authentic Yoga School in Mysore, India, the world’s Yoga capital. We provide an ideal and nurturing environment to learn Yoga, in the land of its origin, from a passionate, versatile and authentic Indian guru.

Rohit Kumar yoga teacher in rishikesh

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar is an M.A. (Master in English Language and Literature) and LL.B. (Bachelor in Law) from Indian Universities. Tantra and Yoga have been the essentials of his life. He is an ERYT 500 HRS and has been sharing the wisdom of Yogic Science in the capacity of a Yogacharya for 15 years. Some tangible experiences of life, health issues and complications of various kinds as a growing youth, brought Rohit into Yoga.

Rohit says, “I received great help through Yoga in many ways and even now I live because of Yoga”. With this much interest into Yoga, he continued and completed his academic studies. With a lot of inner conflicts regarding which way to follow, eventually, he stuck to Yoga. Having started Yoga classes at Yoga Sansthan (Yoga Ashram) in his hometown, Begusarai, Bihar, on an invitation he visited several places to disseminate the principles of Yoga along with its practices. Most of these teachings were in the Southern part of India and some countries of Asia. His classes concern mainly Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

In 2016 he journeyed to Europe where being resident in Sweden he travelled for classes to many countries of European Union such as Netherlands, Germany etc. of which Germany was one of the most successful of all his tours as his classes there, on Kriya Yoga were held in higher esteems. Rohit admits about himself: “I am but a Yogabhyasi (Yoga practitioner) only and never a teacher. I serve without reserve my experiences of the practices up to my level”.

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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