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What is Yoga?

It is the joining of individual’s soul energy with that of God. It allows us to look inward to nurture spirit and stay healthy in all spheres as well as actively enjoy the life by balancing emotions.Yoga is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind, and environment. The practice entails low-impact physical activity, postures (called asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas), relaxation, and meditation.

How is yoga different from stretching or other kind of fitness?

Yoga is more than physical postures. It connects the body and the mind with the soul, thus giving a spiritual touch.

Is yoga a religion?

It is not a religion. It is the philosophy that began in India about 5000 years ago.

What do a person need to start yoga?

A person requires a bit of curiosity, mind and body to start practicing yoga

What qualities do one need to be a yoga teacher?

You must be a good learner, rest we will build in you.

Is one month enough to become a yoga teacher?

Honestly no! Yoga requires years and years of practice and you will see yourself evolving every single day.

What are the career opportunities after completing a TTC?

  • work as an independent teacher
  • open up your own studio
  • work as an assistant teacher in a big organization
  • be a part of a health & wellness/yoga retreat
  • write for an international yoga/health magazine
  • work with 5-star hotels/beach resorts as a yoga professional
  • work in gyms and fitness centres
  • work in a school as a teacher
  • be a part of an NGO/government organization/hospitals/corporate

Is language a barrier as English is not the first language of everyone?

No, all students come from different parts of the world, so English is most likely second language for them. The courses are easily understandable and teachers will help you in anything

How many students are there in a yoga teacher’s training class?

There are about 25 – 30 students in a particular class.

Are study books / manual provided?

Yes, they are provided to every student learning yoga at our centre.

Is food and accommodation included in the fees?

Yes, food and accommodation are included in the fees.

Do one has to bring his own yoga mat?

No, yoga mat is provided to every student and the course material too.

If one has to skip yoga class, will one be able to skip ?

No, unless an emergency occurs. For that, one has to inform his yoga teacher in advance.

How can one become a certified yoga teacher?

To become a certified yoga teacher, you must successfully complete a yoga teacher training course and show competence in your ability to teach a yoga class.

Do one has to pass an exam to complete the yoga teacher's training course?

Yes, one has to pass a written and verbal test to complete the yoga teacher’s training course.

Which kind of Visa a person needs to apply if he is from abroad?

Students should apply for tourist visa as it is easy and granted from Indian embassy shortly, purpose of visit in India should be yoga retreat or ayurveda retreats. Students may give our school address as well as contact number as an Indian reference.

Which airport should a person choose to fly to?

The close and most convenient airport to fly to is Jolly Grant airport. From there, one can reach Rishikesh by bus, car or taxi.

Is the certificate issued valid all over the world?

Yes, the certificate that a person will receive is valid all over the world as it is certified by Yoga Alliance, U.S.A.

Is it safe to travel alone to Rishikesh?

Yes, it is complete safe to travel alone to Rishikesh.

Can one use mobile phones at the yoga centre?

Yes, one can use mobile phone at the yoga centre when he is not in class.

What should i bring with myself?

Most of the general items you will need during your stay in India (or their equivalent) can be easily found in the nearby shops around the corner from our yoga school. What we suggest you remember to bring is any specialty item that you can’t live without, like a specific personal care item or favorite snack from your country.

How to plan arrival and departure ?

In order to attend the orientation program, one should arrive at least a day before starting of the course. On the first day at 10 am the Course will start with yoga ritual. On last day of the course, graduation ceremony takes place and it finishes by 7 p.m., therefore, departure should be planned one day after completion of the course.

Weather in Rishikesh and Recommended Clothing?

Rishikesh can be visited all through the year; The month of may is the hottest.

  • November-December-January-February are the coldest month, the temperature gets down to 19°C to 33°C, and we do not provide room heaters, so if you are doing the course during December-early March we recommend you to bring warm clothes.
  • April to August – hot & rainy weather – light cotton clothes are recommended, as the temperature can get even to 35°C.,. September is the ending of the rainy season. Still if you coming during these month umbrella/raincoats are recommended.
  •  October to March – weather in Rishikesh varies from pleasant to cold and woolen clothes, jackets etc. are recommended. The temperature is averagely around 32-33 C.

How can i reach Rishikesh from Delhi and How much it will cost?

Delhi airport to Rishikesh by car is a 6-7 hours journey. In case, your flight arrives late night and you want to stay overnight in Delhi, you may find a lot of hotels near the airport to stay the night. Another good option is to travel by train (airport to New Delhi train station by car or Metro, then by train to Haridwar and from Haridwar to Rishikesh by car).

Another convenient mode of transport would be to book yourself a domestic flight to Dehradun – Jolly Grant Airport. Dehradun is just a 30-45 minute drive away from the centre and that will certainly save you a lot of time and energy. An airport pick-up from Dehradun can be arranged at USD 20 only. A drop back to Dehradun Airport is also priced at USD 20.

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